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Prof. Razi Abedi

CSS Mentor | FPSC Examiner

I have great pleasure in certifying that Fatima Batool is a very committed teacher. She is hardworking and has clarity about the concepts in her mind. She has already a vast experience of teaching English, and particularly preparing students for competitive examinations. I am sure she will make a good teacher. I wish her success in the profession.

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Our Legacy

“English is a serious business and it needs equally serious treatment. English learning plan designed by Miss Fatima equips a candidate with all the necessary arsenal one needs to tackle English in a competitive exam. That’s why she is highly recommended for all CSS and PMS aspirants.”


Atif Ameer

47th CTP

“Miss Fatima has been of great encouragement in brushing up of my skills required to get through the English exam of CSS. She is a dedicated teacher, working tirelessly towards the success of her students.”

47th Common

Awais Ali Khan


“Although it was my first attempt, I was fortunate to have Ms. Fatima Batool in my life. I still remember the day when she encouraged me to write; she taught me every skill that was needed and made my journey very easy. To do justice, I owe my CSS success to her generous teaching.”

47th CTP PCS

Muhammad Sarfraz


“My learning experience of the English language with Ms. Fatima is the most spectacular and revolutionary. Mam has corrected me on many grammatical and standard writings which I was following blindly believing that I was right. Without her mentorship, I would not have been here.”


Ghazanfar Ilyas

47th CTP

“Madam Fatima is the only teacher who poured the spirit of competition in me regarding the papers of English. She was the only teacher who polished my potentialities at her best. She taught me the pros and cons of essay and composition papers, and very importantly she always tried her best to check my write-up accordingly. Her method of checking assignments refined my ideas, grammar and made me able to cope up with the challenge of CSS. My success is just because of Madam’s sincere and untiring efforts.”
“Loralai, Balauchistan”

46th CTP PCS

Atta Ullah Nasar

46th CTP PCS

“Good coaching is a vital precursor to acing the civil services examination, and a good coach is a precursor of such promising coaching. Leaders’ Inn, steered by Ms. Fatima Batool, is one such online feat that assists aspirants by providing them remote access to quality instruction as well as preparatory material to help them sail through the competitive examination.”

Sohail Sarwar


“Knowledge coupled with grip over language is what defines Madam Fatima Batool’s teaching technique. She is the only one in the town who has the ability to make a student understand not only the intricacies of the English Language but also the art of building an argument.”

Almas Sabeeh

PMS 09

“English is a very delicate subject in both CSS and PMS; cracking it requires not only language competence but also analytical skills. Ms. Fatima is highly recommended because she knows how to deal with its delicacy in a very effective way. The study plan she offers is unequivocally a panacea for aspirants of CSS.”

PMS 10

Mukarram Sultan

PMS 10

“Maam Fatima Batool is one of the best teachers to prepare English Essay and Précis paper. Her art of teaching is so natural that students feel no fear in writing on a variety of topics. Undoubtedly, she can teach her students the art to ace the exam with utmost confidence. More success to you and your students, Ma’am.”


Kalsoom Zuhra

PMS 09

“I have always been a great admirer of Miss Fatima Batool’s being a creative and journalistic writer. She has taught at the university level including GCU and enjoys a wide range of experience in mentoring the CSS aspirants. She is a writer of high class and with a wide range of teaching experience becomes the best choice for CSS aspirants. I wish her great success!”
“Kasur, Punjab”

46th CTP

Abdul-e-Rehman Goher

46th CTP

“English is the subject that requires the primacy of the consideration of a CSS aspirant, and the teaching methodology of Ma’am Fatima Batool effectively provides the necessary wherewithal to cater the same. The tireless effort, immense dedication, and meticulous attention are what best define her modus operandi. She is, for reasons enlisted, the best bet one can have.”

Jawad Raza Sultan

47th Common

“Ma’am Fatima Batool has very engaging and well-organized lectures. She promotes critical thinking by involving students to present ideas and debate issues. The most influential thing is that she has studied almost all renowned authors and books. She is a well-learned mentor with a wide range of knowledge. She has many takeaways and, I believe, she can speak the entire day over a single idea. After taking her session, I appeared in multiple exams and interviews. I secured first positions throughout Punjab in two BS-17 posts and one BS-16 post.
I believe all of my success was largely due to her mentorship. I strongly recommend her!”

Kamran Shaukat Gondal

Assistant Director PESSI